About Leesa Dorsey

As a trained psychiatric nurse, Leesa has always understood that emotional and mental wellbeing will always impact our physical health, especially muscular tension. Massage is a great tool to assist people to reduce muscular tension and pain whilst regaining emotional balance.

Leesa is trained in remedial massage, aromatherapy, deep tissue massage, shiatsu, acupuncture, bach flower remedies and voice dialogue. Leesa has over 30 years experience and uses a combination of modalities to individualise your treatments. 

Lotus Living is situated at 40 Ormond Rd East Geelong, as well as 405 Brickmakers Rd Bambra. Both environments are warm, welcoming, and relaxing.

Leesa and her daughter Jaya also produce a range of natural skin care based on their locally grown and produced olive oil. Their recipes don’t just smell amazing and feel luxurious; they nourish your mind and spirit while enriching your skin. Each product contains a combination of olive oil, herbs, essential oils and flower essence – to infuse from a cellular level to an energetic, emotional level.